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Glad to know it's working out for you. I play many styles of music (mostly ambient stuff), but every once in a while I like to give some Mastodon licks a go, and PitchFactor helps me do that without messing with my guitar's tuning or setup/feel. PitchFactor to me is kind of like my secret weapon – it does so many sounds, and all of them sound like nothing else out there (nothing works like an Eventide pitch shifter!), but they're all really usable. Not always subtle, but certainly sculpts difficult sounds with ease of use. I'd keep exploring if I were you – the more time I spend with mine, the more sounds I create and the more preset banks I fill up with my own creations. 

Based on your description, that popping sound doesn't seem normal. Does this happen on all algorithms, or only PitchFlex? Does it still happen with the effect mix set to 0? What do you have the bypass set to – DSP, Relay, or DSP + FX? Is the PitchFactor running the latest software? Also, try backing up your presets with factorlib and then reinitializing the PitchFactor. If the problem still persists after that let me know.