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i was also fighting with the reverse delay setting the other day.

it's true – without time, you could just play a phrase in total an let it "come back". But this is not very useable in a band/live setting. more for special fx, background sounds or free parts.

thing is, other than with a normal delay you don't have that "time-feeling" here, so it's kinda hard to get the right start of a phrase.

what i could think of to solve this problem was either:

the delay time cycle starts at 1 when engaging the effect (is that already so? if not it would be a very cool feature – you activate the timefactor at 1 in a beat and you are perfectly in time. so the reverse would also "count in time". so it's easier to not play "overlapping" phrases.
watching the beat LED just isn't accurate enough here.

the other thing would be a little tricky: introduce dynamics into the reverse delay. so if active, it's engaged, but the cycle starts, when you start to play. this way, your playing would start the cycle – would be much easier to time!

would that be possible?

i think that would revolutionize reverse playing (live-use!).

best regards