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this could be a good addition for people who has one factor pedal which they use as main FX unit and don't want to buy other factor pedals becuse of using just one or two effects from each. so H9 could be good option how to not buy what you don't need and buy only what you need.

but I agree that all of the controls and connectivity of factor pedals with switching effects from all factor pedals would be genius product. – possible FW update for existing factor pedals? I believe the HW is the same and it's just question of SW for pedals. Or some kind of optional FW update for money with H9 features? 

For now I'd rather stay with my timefactor and Blackhole VST (I run pedal + computer based rig) and consider H9 in the future after seeing full specs. I don't see line/amp switches for I/O, there is shared input for aux switch and exp predal? or it's on the other side?  if not than selling TF and buying H9 instead of it is definitely no-go route for me. so H9 series algorithms have to be superb mindblowing (I know it's not that hard with eventide, but…) to push me buy one. iOS H9 controll is not deal braker for me if there is also PC version of it as H9 web site states.