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First of all, my initial assessment is about the same as Vernon Reid's on the video.

I'm surprised that no one has asked how many algorithms can reside in the hardware at one time.  I guess it depends on what you consider a single algorithm.  I also wonder about the load times via MIDI PC or footswitch on the hardware end (not the remote programmer).

It's a slightly bigger box that I initially thought (gleaned from the video).  I'd also like to see a 360-degree view at some point.  Hard to tell if there are MIDI DIN jacks, or just USB.  And if we're counting, put me down for Android support.  I suppose that's not something you're going to push too much before it's shown at the MacWorld booth.

There's just so much that we're going to find out at the "leak" stage.  I'm sure that the price points will pop out this weekend at NAMM, or shortly thereafter.  If not, I have a good friend working the floor this weekend for a large software developer.  We'll put him on the case …  You've got to think that it will be in the range of the other stompboxes; even with the savings on hardware.  Look at what it does.

 And I would guess that the pay-algos would vary in price.  The signature algorithms [Diatonic; BlackHole] cost more in R&D than – for example – a simple delay line.  What I'd really like to find out is how deep the parameter control goes.  From the video glimpse of the iPad, it looks like it's laid out much like the parent Stompbox itself.  I'd be happy with that, but I would really like to see a few of the internal preset values get opened up.