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Sorry to reupping an old thread but I wanted to suggest some feature updater for modfactor and this seemed the right place.

1. Adding RISE/FALL time options for ASDR or Envelope wave mode. This feature is really needed to take fully advantage of this modes.
2. Better AUTOSWELL mode in TREMOLO ASDR  waveshape. It needs to response faster and better to picking.
2. If is it possibile it will be amazing to add the possibility of a Pre/post routing option like it is on the Strymon's Mobius. Some effects like filters, some phasers, and all wahs  sound waay better in fornt of the amp, others sounds better in the loop.
I know this can be pretty hard to do because the pedal was not designed to do this.. but I hope there's a way to achieve this, maybe using the stereo in and out..