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with the mobius inline all pc transmission was blocked to it from the XMT function of the Timefactor.

Yeah.  Your master controller (set to XMT) almost has to be the first MIDI device in the line.  You can set the FCB-1010 to MIDI Merge, and it will combine whatever comes in the MIDI In jack with what you generate with the pedalboard.  It all merges, and goes out the MIDI Out jack.  So it'd be possible to route something like this:

TimeFactor [XMT] -> FCB-1010 (w/ MIDI Merge) -> Space [THRU] -> Mobius

First off, you lose FCB-1010 control over the TimeFactor.  But the TimeFactor can generate master tap tempo (or MIDI Clock), Program Changes, MIDI CC controls, and that will all pass through the FCB-1010 to the other two devices.  The FCB-1010 can send everything it does to Space and Mobius, but not the TimeFactor.  I know.  It's all a compromise.

The only other solution is to get crazy with a multi-port MIDI Splitter at one end and a multi-port MIDI Merger at the other (or a full-featured MIDI Router that combines both).  Personally, I ended up getting a solid MIDI Clock source that I didn't need to control (other than a Tap switch).  Then I leave everything else in a THRU configuration.

I attempted to address the timing issues in that other thread of yours.