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That ended up being a little misleading.  What I meant was that I don't use any pedalboard effects to control tempo.  I play keyboards and guitar.  So, I may tap the MIDI Clock from one of my keyboards / MIDI controllers, or the Lexicon MPX-1 on the rack, and slave the whole pedalboard setup to that source.  It depends on the situation.  I may tap MIDI Clock from the other keyboardist in a live setting, or from a computer DAW program while recording.  Whatever is most appropriate or available for synchronization.

There are dedicated clock sources, such as the rack-mounted MOTU Timepiece.  Probably overkill, if you don't need all of those features.  The smallest one that I've seen may be the Molten MIDI 2.  But another option that came to mind is the MIDI Solutions Footswitch Controller.  That may be a better fit for what you're building here.  Small footprint, and it can do a lot more than tap tempo.  I haven't tried this, but you may be able to use the one of the switch outs on the back of the FCB-1010 with it.