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Many thanks again!

In the absence of an "edit post" here's an edit of that setting – The DlyMix to be as is. It's not exactly a delay setting as such, more like a ring mod but I thought it would be something you (as a PF afficionado) might find interesting 🙂 as it does funny things to Pitch …

MIX – WET: 100
Dly Mix = A:0 +B:10
FB-A = 0 
FB-B = 0
XKnob = 4ms
DMod: = 0
Speed = 0
FLT = 1

Having XKnob at 3ms seems to give a tonal centre of Eb, 4ms gives a tonal centre of Bb (I think). NB: it's not concert A=440, which is why I would *love* to be able to get a couple of decimal places on the XKnob setting 🙂  – i.e. perhaps 2.87ms would give exactly Eb concert? Same goes for quite a few other parameters in these lovely stompboxes (i.e. BPM!), I keep ending up at brick walls thinking "Hmmm, I wonder what's behind there?". More decimal places please in an extended FactorLib "Edit Console" window gets my vote.

Meanwhile I will think on what you say. It's very interesting. And yes, the Eventide REVERSE algo is different from, say, the Line6 DL4 which does that standard Are-You-Experienced style emulation. The Eventide algo is something very different and, I think, fresher (iyswim)

All very best, much appreciate your input. I will continue bleeding on the KMI edge with my limited brain-cell but you're right – Mr. Keith deserves full respect for his efforts and I will keep trying on that and if I succeed I will post it here