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… you (as a PF afficionado) might find interesting 🙂 as it does funny things to Pitch …

Indeed I do.  That was my misinterpretation of the preset; I see where you're going with this now.  And, you're right:  There are a lot of cool possibilities to explore when NO DELAY actually means minimum (internal processing) delay.  I posted on of my favorite PF base settings here.  That just scratches the surface in this interesting area.

It sounds like you've also uncovered some of the 'resonator' settings in other algorithms (a few milliseconds – lots of feedback – static flanger).  The AdrenaLinn III built half of a multi-FX box around that.  I spent many a long hour trying to 'muscle' my way through reproducing the 'tuned delay' parameters and sequencing in that.  (I was to include some of that in a synthesizer preset collection that I collaborated on).

I never got it as far as I wanted to.  Now, there's got to be a formula for resonant delay time-to -frequency/pitch.  Lo & behold, I find myself doing another preset collection for the DSI Evolver.  Some of the same product designers, and featuring tuned feedback.  Long story short:  I hope to have some more transferrable information on the specifics of tuned delays & feedback here soon.  I just got an Evolver desktop model within the past week.

The same data should apply to Eventide 'boxes with delay features of any kind.  Of course – as you pointed out – fractional milliseconds are going to be problematic.   I realize that there are other contributing factors to an exact delay 'pitch' beyond the exact delay time.  But if a real 'need' can be demonstrated, who knows?