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Hi All

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The folks @ KMI say you have to set the "Foot On" modline with a gain of 127 in the "1 Lin" table. It works! Phew! Yes

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As for these special "resonator" settings (as Brock puts it). I just found one on the TF that continues making a (not entirely horrible) noise even when you hit BYPASS *and* also have SPILL set to OFF. Weird eh? One would have thought Bypass meant Bypass. But it doesn't. Me, I think that's a good thing. It means that there are dstill areas in these boxes where we are "not meant to go". Therefore…

WARNING: some of these "resonator" settings are quite dangerous in terms of volume! So please be very careful, set the MIX to 1 and then play about…

Even Further off Thread: Also, has anyone else noticed that hitting RPT when in BYPASS still switches the RPT function on (even if there is nothing – theoretically – there to be RPT'ed). Except (see above) there could be…

  • Request to TPTB: I have scoured the Forum and cannot yet find a discussion of the RPT button (which I like a lot). If anyone knows where it is hiding please post it here