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MarcoR, I'm with you on this.  
C'mon Eventide, is there any real reason why Space has to re-load an algorithm even when you aren't changing patches?  That seems ridiculous.   There should be a clear warning stating that this pedal is not suitable for playing fast music.

I've recently purchased one second hand and I thought there was something wrong with it because of the lag between patches.  I started my own thread before I found this one – There was an eerie silence with regards to my question…hmmm.  I did some searching of my own only to find out that it's a known issue Eventide clearly has no interest in addressing as long as they are still selling units.  

I play fast and loud music with a lot of dynamics and changes, this pedal has proven unworthy for stage use with regards to my applications since the 1+ second volume drop and sound lag make it virtually unusable for certain songs.  I can honestly say I'm disappointed that the Space does not provide the dynamic changes and expression potential I had hoped for.  What originally attracted me to this pedal is the ability to use it with my midi rig alongside the Timefactor for on the fly patch changes but it seems as though this pedal is only usable for certain kinds of on the fly changes with regards to slower songs. 

My guess is that most people who use this pedal are slow chord changing shoegazers who don't notice the lag or who have time between notes/chords, I'm a shoegazer myself but some of my songs are black metal inspired and fast.   It might be time to sell the Space and go back to my trusty VanAmps Sole Mate or even the Hardwire RV-7.  

I'm beginning to understand why some people get rid of all of their midi pedals and buy an Axe-FX.