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Eventide Staff

Hi MaxFX,

I'll give you a possible solution for fast(er) changes within an single algorithm:

Space has the Hotswitch function which is bascially like having 2 presets within the actual "preset".  This Hotswitch can toggled via MIDI cc.  You should be able set your MIDI controller to send MIDI CCs too, correct?  I believe the more sophiscated ones will let you attach MIDI PC and CC to a single button or function.  

 In addition to the Hotswitch, we also have expression pedal control (which can also be transmitted via MIDI CC) that gives you even more sounds without having to change presets.  The heel and toe postion can be completely different sounds (with everything in-between of course).  

 Of course, you can always just assign individual MIDI CCs to individual knobs, or aux switches to knobs. 

There are many possiblities to get the fast changes you are looking for.  Also, are you running with Spillover on/off?  Have you tried both options? How fast do you need the preset changes to be?