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Ok, I see what you're saying, the preset is reloading even if you don't actually change it.  This is wrong.  We'll check it out.  A different preset on the same algorithm is a different matter.

The zipper effect is only if you change the SIZE parameter within a preset.  It's a glide that we found everyone liked as a cool dynamic sound effect.  One of the reasons we actually do reload when changing presets on the same algorithm is to not have these zippers.  The other reasons mostly have to do with the Spillover machine, which is a virtual machine running concurrently with the main processing algorithm (on the same dsp chip).   


I know you'll agree is vastly deep product, so you can imagine the design and implementation was even more vast.  Everything was painstakingly handcoded (often in assembly language) to get it just right.  One persons "I LOVE THIS!" feature often turns out to be another persons "I HATE THIS!" problem.  Most of the time we find out this on the back end after the product ships.  But I can assure you, there is no conspiracy going on here, we're not trying to trick people, or hide things.