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Hey CP, you raise some good points. Sounds like we have the same definition of "stage grade" – i.e. doesn't have to be enormously over-sampled, super deep bit processing to be convincing through most gtr amps and PA systems – especially in the heat of the moment in performances.

I'm an electrical engineer with pro audio experience, but I don't have any access to Eventide's architecture so it is not possible for me to do anything other than guess at what capabilities or structural limitations they have.

I do know that some of the algorithms are quite math-intensive and am "guessing" that they require a real DSP and wouldn't be able to run on a quad core PC.

I don't think you can broadly apply Moore's law to all electronic technology categories. And in the case of devices that are not made by the blue million (same goes for various processes) the cost is not going to drop by huge factors.

For me, the biggest value of the H9 appears to be the user interface. The early 'Factors are awesome sounding but more than a bit difficult to use. Space made some improvements in display and interface.

If H9 allows me to control, set and store presets etc. in my other pedals (via midi connection) through my iPad then I'm in line to buy one.