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Yep David, we agree on that one. I couldn't claim to have any deeper knowledge of the DSP processing involved, but based on my previous arguments I'd just think it's sort of logical to assume that today's DSP can handle multi algos infinitely better than those from 25 years ago, and should therefore do so. I mean the technology, ideas and architecture have been around for quite some time and exist happily in rack gear…why on earth not in a smaller pedal?

I remember when the timeline came out, everybody was wondering why Strymon hadn't come up with an pro version of the glass nexus…people on forums wanted a HQ multi FX PEDAL for their boards as evereyone was ditching their racks. Why to this day noone except the low to mid price/quality range such bas Zoom or L6 has come up with one is just beyond me. Instead manufacturers put out one super mega high end tremolo, chorus, lo fi multidelay or whatnot single pedal after the other…Tongue Tied

The H9 sure will be a fine device, I'm just hoping someone will finally bring out a decent multi pedal that doesn't hijack all my board space, as a combo of the 4 Eventide high end pedals would.