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Just a quick note as I have my rig broken down after practice and I have to be somewhere, I'll write more later.

I try not to entertain conspiracy theories because they are just that, theories; I'm not sure where that came from… 
Here's my deal:  I have five midi pedals on my pedal board and my amp head is midi controlled
1. Timefactor
2. Space
3. Strymon Mobius
4. EHX Hog2
5. Source Audio programmable EQ
6. Amplifier head

Each pedal/device has it's own quirks and glitches that make every aspect of this setup extremely convoluted.  Since every pedal has certain CC's and PC #'s that are specific for functionality then I am forced to rout things in such a way so as to be able to use certain desired functions on each pedal.  Never mind that I have 5 pc changes + 2 CC messages + 2 CC expression pedals + 2 TRS relay switches (Behringer FCB1010-UNO).   Because I want to be able to use my expression pedals for the Hog2 and the Timefactor and the Space AND THE MOBIUS I have to have three of those on one channel because the HOG2 is a major board hog and pretty much requires it's own channel which is very non-flexible unto itself.  The Mobius and Hog require CC for on and off states so those two pretty much consome all CC's I have.  I have some leway with expression pedals but it's limited because three devices are on one pedal channel.  I'll play around with the configuration some more but it just sucks that I have to use one patch.  I'm probably just being a big baby about that though because at least I can use a different patch for each song whereas with my Sole mate I got one sound for a whole set…  Like I said, I'll play around a bit with one patch and see what I can do.  I'll report back when I get some of this sorted out.