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I did a deeper web search. Looks like all stompboxes have an H8000 processor. That's a lot of raw power, however it was preferred to build up a single big patch to allow istant-preset-change. That can be agreed or not,it's project choice.

H9 is different, looks like to be a clean table. Anyone can have it's own idea and needs, it's not possible to cover everything… or yes?

I just write my idea… if you're selling alghoritms, add "time patch change" (istant, less than 1 sec, heavy load time). Sell stompboxes's patches at 4,99$, harmonizer's patches at 8,99$. i think market itself will decide where to go.

My plan is still to put 2 H9 into a stereo line mixer with killdry. that's why i don't care about latency!

Eclipse was sparkling, until i was forced to sell it! 😐