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Have to agree with Imerkat here. I've given this a lot of thought, only to conclude that IMHO, for what's in the box,  the H9 is too expensive and exclusive, and $20 for an algorithm is simply a ripoff, given that thses units usually have freely configurable algos and FX chains – a unit at this price tag should have it too

For that price, I can get a TC Gmajor2, which has a more than decent reverb, modulation, configurable multi algos etc etc. Back to a rack unit ? So be it. I just cannot grasp why I suddenly have to buy a separate mod, delay, reverb and pitch for outrageous prices taking up my whole board real edstate, when rack units can do it all at the cost of 1 single pedal.

Yeah I know, I'm repeating myself here, but look at the Intellifex, a child of the 80s. DSP power was limited then, but the architecture was simple and great. Algos for single FX, like big verbs, algos for multi FX, like chorus, 8x delay, reverb, etc etc. You can decide if you want a high DSP power quality reverb or if you wanna split the processing quality to have a multi chain. 

In the Eventide pedals, there will alkways be a parameter missing. In the time factor, there's no reverb. In the mod, there's no delay. There's a minimalist delay in the space, and a hardly more than basic and frugal modulation. Sorry this makes no sense other than make you buy the other pedals if you want a single additional useful feature.

And with the DSP power available today, a mutli algo will  have no audible quality loss at all. If you think so, just switch back to single FX algos and buy additional pedals.

Fact is that the first manufacturer to offer a decent enough REAL multieffect PEDAL with decent DSP power, configurable algos, midi and a good intuitive display will take the market by storm. So far , the subprime Line 6, Boss GT and Zoom stuff is simply not a pro enough quality solution, but eventually someone will do it. The elitist and overpriced Eventide approach just isn't an alternative for me.

Just my 2c.