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Yes it is. I know eventide likes to say that there algo's aren't modelers but Tape Delay is modeled after tape delay, Flanger is modeled after flanging effect you can achieve with tape reel, Reverb (plate/spring/troom) is modeled after the real thing, you get the point right? The M5 and H9 are both multi-effect, midi/preset capable, unbalance, Floor units with very close dimensions with modulation/delay/ reverb; if that's not apples to apples I don't know what is. What I mean that the H9 doesn't cover the same ground; eventide has no Up-ramp modulation, no type of distortion curve algos (unless you count the MangleVerb), no pattern tremolo, no EQ/enhancer, no pulse-width synthesizer, and I could go on

PS- I have a wet dry rig because I have tested that ANY A/D conversion changes your tone