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Well, we're glad to hear you're enthusiastic about the idea of Eventide making a multi effects stompbox, but that's a different product and has nothing to do with the H9.  Most of the algorithms on the existing Factor line of stompboxes were designed to use up every available cycle from the DSP.  You'll notice sometimes when trying to update the OS on the PitchFactor for example that you have to put it into update mode for the OS to be able to talk to our update software and be able to handle the overhead of communicating with that app.  That's because it's using all of the available cycles and can't handle anymore than it's already doing.

Could we make simpler, smaller algorithms that leave room for more stuff to run? Probably.  But those wouldn't be Eventide's unique signature sounds, and honestly, there are plenty of companies already making multi effect units with generic, commoditized algorithms.  The only way to get the algorithms we have to run in a multi effects configuration is to add more cycles by adding more parts which will add more to the cost.

With regards to the editor you're saying exists, I assume you mean Vsig.  We have talked about making a stompbox that allows users to design their own algorithms with Vsig, but what you have to understand is that Vsig is not something where you just drop in a reverb here and a flanger there.  It's something you use for building reverbs for example from the ground up, and we're not sure that there are a lot of people out there with the interest in working at that low of a level.  It certainly would be a lot of fun for us to work on, but given the amount of people that would actually be interested in using it, it's hard to argue that it would be a good use of our development time.

Maybe, we will do something higher level and easier to use in a future product that will check off all of the boxes you'd like to see checked off.  But in any case in the H9 what we were trying to do was make a stompbox that uses every cycle available to make effects that are unique and sound great straight out of the box.