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I know it's hard to believe, but most of the guitar players just want to play the stuff, not to be a science engineer of guitar stuff. If you want to be that sort of a guy, you might try to get a job at company that makes effects processors. but you should be good at programming DSPs, it's not only sitting in front of window with nice and user friendly GUI and drag&drop FX blocks to "create" unique sounds.

each coin has two sides. it would be nice to have such an option to have an editor to create unique effects from the ground. on the other side how many people would realy use it? using just internet forums refference – maybe up to 20 of thousands of sold units? would you care about it at Eventide's or any others manufacturer's place? in order to getting mad with effects –  I believe that for avarage guitar player assigning multiple parameters to expression pedal/ribon controller/hotknob and program it to move in same or oposite way is more than enough.