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thanks for explaining your point, gkellum. I  do see the position Eventide wants to maintain.

What I basically meant to add is that a few minimalist multi algos ( and I'm definitely not talking about a Boss-type low Q überchain of 12 subprime Fx) would already add enormous functionality and value, and surely would make a lot more people attracted to the H9. The question of why no multi algos in the H9 has been raised on several forums several times. And whilt I can understand that Eventide does not want to compromise the specific algo quality, I still maintain my poisition that there can be a multi, say, a 4 tap delay with a couple of parameters like filters, a good modulation , going into, say, an excellent  6 sec reverb, without any comromise in audio ( or humanly audible )quality.  There's no need in such algos for a 20 sec reverb tail in studio quality, only a good long tail, and give the DSP power,  I'm sure it would still surpass as good as all other reverb pedals out there.  The MODEKO is kinda what I mean, but the delay and mod are too minimalistic in terms of tweakability – I'd rather like to see some DSP cycles taken away from the reverb length and assigned to the delöays and chorus, if that makes sense.