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I'd like to mention as well that TremoloPan also does some slicing effects since that came up earlier in this thread.

As does the PitchFactor's HarPeggiator.

What about expanding the ribbon control into an X/Y pad that would permit Kaoss Pad-style manipulation of two parameters simultaneously?  Maybe a sketching surface to draw modulation waveforms?  Or a soft version of the new EHX 8 Step Process to allow a preset to sequence expression pedal values using onscreen faders?

Yes, yes, and oh-hell-yes.


I could go crazy here with my own suggestions, but let's start fairly simply.  Some kind of true Doppler / pitch shift for the UltraTap.  It wouldn't have to be a great deal of shift, although octaves could be crazy.  That is, if there's any room left in the algo after all of those memory taps.