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A big second on the slicer, however this will only be effective when the H9 is able to receive PLAY, CONTINUE, and STOP MIDI commands.  But I know you guys are working on that.  This will turn the Harpeggiator and Tremolo into real weapons.

Also, A BIT CRUSHER!!  I know VintageDelay can do a very limited bit crush, but I'm talking something full featured like a WMD Geiger Counter or a Hexe Bitcrusher.  Not only would this be cool for guitar (my focus) but would be great on keys, drum machine, etc.

If the MIDI command issue is fixed and a slicer and bitcrusher added, I will DEFINITELY buy another H9.  That's the cool thing with the H9, the software expandability makes it possible for the H9 to eventually replace a lot of other pedals on our boards.  I'd rather have 3 H9's on my board than a few other type of pedals.  Can you imagine the versatility???