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Thanks for the feedback.  There's no easy way to import  or export presets currently in the desktop builds of H9 Control, but it's on the todo list.  When you export a preset though from an iOS device, its exported with the extension h9z;  it's really just a zip file, and if you rename the h9z extension to zip and unzip the file, you can just drop the preset into the area where H9 Control manages its presets, which on Mac is ~/Library/H9 Control/Presets.  Like I said though, we're going to make this easier.

With the regards to entering values with the keyboard, people were asking for this on thegearpage too.  We don't want to parse all of the possible text inputs to all of the fields, but parsing numbers is easy enough and from what I gather what people want is to be able to type in numeric values like delay times. So, I think what we're going to do is support typing in input values for the controls with numeric values.

thanks, much appreciated.