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Sorry, I meant algorithms… I borrowed an iphone and got the free algo yesterday. I choose the Quadravox, Amazing!

I saw that there is some documentation about the midi sysex protocol for the factor pedals. Is it the same protocol for the H9 or will you release some doc about it?

I found a nice trick, I configured my FCB 1010 to help in tweaking the parameters for the H9.

Each of the 10 footswich select a parameter (from  KB0 to KB9) and the right expression pedal set the value of the choosen parameter. It works!

Now, If I have time, I will write a small software to do it with my tablet. It will be more convenient than on the device itself (but if your android soft is around the corner, I'd rather not waste my time on that).

Having such a good and documented midi implementation is really cool.

I wrote ElevenHack, a free rig loader to the Eleven Rack, and I can tell you that guessing the whole sysex protocol and the binary file format had been a nightmare. When I saw that you document even your sysex messages, I was ecstatic 🙂

I used the H9 for the first time with my band yesterday…  made a big impression !.