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Given To Fly

I found a basic but high quality Chorus preset for the TimeFactor created by a forum member. I was wondering if anyone has made a basic Flanger or Phaser preset? I'm not a heavy modulation user so it would be create to replace my modulation pedals with presets on my delay pedal! Yes Here is my contribution. Its a preset designed to replicate guitar parts from Electric Counterpoint by Steve Reich. It's simple but within the context of the piece  it is really powerful! Parameters can be adjusted except Tempo and Delay Times. Feedback ssems to work best at 0 but feel free to experiment!

Preset Title	

Electric Counterpoint 

Tempo	Delay Type	Mix	Delay   Mix A+B	Delay A 	Delay B	         Feedback A  Feedback B	X Knob	Depth	Speed	Filter	Tap Tempo

 96	     Digital  Delay	Start at 40   10+10	Eighth	   Dotted Quarter	 0	   	          0	  	                 100ms     0               0              0             Yes