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Well, we didn't think that the majority of users would want to use an iOS device on stage to control the H9.  Our thinking was more that it would be really useful while writing or rehearsing to be able to use an iOS device to be able to quickly try out different presets, to be able to see what all their parameters were set to on the UI, and to tweak them as needed.  For use on stage, we though most users would assign the parameters they want to tweak to one of the X, Y, Z, switches or the expression pedal patch or control things via MIDI.

Here's a general question to all H9 users though who also have a factor pedal.  How does working with the X, Y, Z, and HotKnob switches mapped to an encoder compare to your experience of using the 10 knob interface of the factor pedals?

I understand and the H9 control app is cool for what you said 🙂 but not really for the in-app. I think, the H9 could have been designed like a Factor pedal with knobs and footswitch (and you already produce this kind of box, so you may have a good price on it ;)).

Another thing is that in US the H9 is findable at 400$, an that's ok for that price but in France it's at 770 $ !  (http://www.thomann.de/fr/eventide_h9_harmonizer.htm). 770$ is very expensive if you think that the player need a Midi controler + buy some algo (20$ each). I have bought my H9 in US.

For me, Foot pedals are not like rake effects, they must be accessible very quick on stage to play with it, For example i loved to play with the knobs on my TimeFactor for the crazy delay effects. With the X Y Z + rotary encoder H9, it's not as cool but some players may like it… that's why i'm making an H9 Midi controler with 10 knobs