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    Just got the H9 and love the sounds.. awesome device.  A tad overwhelming I must say, but powerful gizmos have lots of knobs, goes with the territory I suppose.   Anyhoo… before I start shelling out buckos for new algo's I have two questions:

1) Is there a list showing most popular downloads?    

2) Similar to 1) is there anywhere that the downloads are rated by users?   (Would like to not just see how often a given algo is downloaded, but ratings since that shows after the download how happy they were with it)

3) If you guys come out with an H10 next year, assuming the new machine is compatible with the H9 algo's, would I be able to transfer my H9 algo purchases to the new product?

    I really like the H9 and would like to start accumulating algo's but if they're stranded forever on the H9 I'm not so sure I want to spend a whole lot of $ on algo's in that situation.  Do advise.