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I'm a H9 newbie but love the pedal already after only having it for one day.   Mind blowing range of FX all on a single stomp barely bigger than my T-Rex Replica (which is most likely going up for sale now).   Given that you can 'try before you buy' the algorithms, the pricing doesn't seem that out of whack.   Some of the algo's that are loaded onto the H9 seem useless to me (insanity… mosquitos… bullfrogs…).   They're curiosities that maybe somebody would find useful, but to me they're amusing but not much use for what I play.   I'm looking forward to combing through the algo's that are available for purchase and evaluating them and only if I really like one, two, or however many I find useful, then and only then do have to plunk down the $20.   Seems reasonable to me… although like everyone else here… wish it was $10.