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Also some nitpick things.

It would be amazing in the H9 control software if when you are in preset list mode you can see the Tempos of each patch. I have to load 3 different sets into 2 H9s every week! and it would be a huge help to see tempo on that screen.

Also ability to affect multiple H9s at once. It would be nice to be able to load both of my H9s at once with presets.

And again. Ability to have the hot switch option on every pedal, Even the delays and Reverbs. It would be nice if you could assign what that middle switch did in the software, so you could make it a hold pedal or a hot switch or a fast/slow switch.

also a way to have the tap tempo show even if you aren't in the tap mode. Its nice when I can see the tempo of the song wight the tap LED but I use that switch to go up and down with patches. Is there a way to make the tempo still show up even if you are not inputting tap?

thanks again! Love your product!!