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Yes in the 3×3 window. I sometimes use the same preset for different songs and it would be nice to differentiate by bpm. Also Sometimes I have patches set for certain songs but different versions of said song and it makes it easier to tell which ones which when I can see the tempo. 

Again. LOVE the H9. First time since the m9 came out that I've ever wanted a different pedal to sculpt my sound around. It knocked the m9 off the board after listening to the H9 for 30 seconds!!

I also love the idea of having the algos you get attached to you forever for further expansion if you guys ever offer an H13 or something where you can run 2 algos at once!

It'll be a long process for me to purchase all the algos but I'm excited to someday have a fully loaded H9. 

Also are you guys looking for beta testers for the H9? I literally use it every day in sessions and 4 times a week playing at out at church