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*Now* you're talking!  Lack of a looper algorithm has been my biggest barrier to getting an H9 thus far (I'm still planning to get one soon, but a killer looper would hasten the day).  Some thoughts on where you might go with that:

-Definitely a full MIDI implementation.  That's the only reasonable way to build anything with complex features into this form factor.  The players who want more sophisticated looping aren't going to balk at springing for a MIDI controller if they don't already have one.

-Please capture as many features of the TimeFactor loop algorithm as you can.  I'll say it again: best looping feature implementation in a pedal.

-An alternate control view with large, easy-to-manipulate button transport.  I'm impressed with what I've seen for the Resonator interface – please keep that going!

-For controls, I'd recommend using the Bypass Button as Stop, and the Tap switch as Record/Play/Overdub (switchable on the interface to Record/Overdub/Play for seamless ambient looping).  If you plug in an aux switch, it should be selectable between Record/Overdub (simulating the TimeFactor three-button setup) or Reverse. (Because you *will* have Reverse in this algorithm, right?)

-I'd love to have a setting that makes the Record feature momentary: start recording when I press, stop when I release, with no minimum loop time.  This would be great for glitching, like the Hexe Revolver or the "hold" mode in the Boss DD-6. (I've actually been thinking about picking up a used DD-6 just for this purpose.)  You could implement this as an alternate behavior of the initial Record mode (so that afterward the Record/Overdub/Play button works normally) or a separate "glitch mode", whereby the H9 captures a new loop every time you step on Record, and the Bypass button toggles between "off" and the last recorded loop. (I know that this breaks the "hold TAP to select Preset mode paradigm – maybe this feature only works with an aux switch Record?)