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Each Factor pedal contributed two of its 10 algorithms to the H9 initial load, and the TimeFactor loop algorithm is not available for purchase, so there are [3 x (10-2)] + (10-3) = 31 algorithms remaining, which would cost $20 x 31 = $620 to purchase,or about $1120 for the H9 plus all the algorithms.  Compare to purchasing each of the Factor pedals individually, which would cost ($400 + $400 + $500 +$500) = $1800 new.  The upside to getting all four Factor pedals is that you can use up to four effects simultaneously; the downside is that you have to pay for effects algorithms whether you use them or not, and you have to make room for all four pedals on your board (plus aux switches, expression pedals, and/or MIDI control), and you don't have access to the H9-specific algorithms, or to the real-time iOS control option.