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The question is if it would be more useful than confusing for the average user.

I see your point.  In my opinion, it'd wouldn't be much different than the PitchFactor's H910/949 Speed / Scale selections.  CHROMATC being quantized to a note value, NORMAL being a fine-tune mode, and MICRO being range-limited fine tuning.  But that's an (expanded) emulation of classic hardware.

With the Resonator, you're 'selling' resonant delays at specific tuned pitches that correspond to note values.  So – even if it's all milliseconds underneath – it's labeled to solidify the idea behind the algorithm.  Certainly the gesture that switched between 'Notes' and fine-tune mode would have to be a deliberate one.

I'm looking at this from the angle that Resonator could significantly expand its feature set with relatively few changes.  I suppose that fine tuning would fit the paradigm better if it were in 'cents' / percentages, but that would kind of defeat the purpose of ultra-precise millisecond adjustments.

Once more people get their hands on the algo and explore it, I'd be interested to hear what those end users might think.  I may very well be in the minority on this (and it wouldn't be the first time).  I tend to push the limits of my equipment.  Thanks for the consideration.