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Yes.  That's the H910 'character' you're hearing.  It was an amazing piece of hardware for its time (mid-70's).  Analog delay chips were noise buckets back then, and one solution was to lower the bandwidth.  Longer delay times meant that the "low pass filtering" cutoff frequency was reduced.  Usually, you'd get a range of delay times; each with its own bandwidth. I believe that the H910 was a 16-bit/ 15kHz machine overall.


thanks to get into the post mate 🙂

well this is what i was thinking too… before try a real h910… it doesn't sound so lo fi, that why i'm here asking this


Part of the lo-fi charm of the H910 and H949 algorithms is the varying degree of glitching, deglitching, and warblyness found in each variation,  In your experiment –  if you move the Depth / Key knob to MODERN at 1.000 –  you'll hear clean, subtle unison doubling.  That sounds like what you're looking for.


no i try and the MODERN setting is just for deglitching… no impact on the tone… u can make my test (as before 0 delay, 0 feedback, 1.00 pitch, 100wet) and try to switch the different algorithm… nothing change (u can notice the different settings just as u say below on long delay feedback, where u can hear glitch from 910 to 949 (without and with the deglitching board) to Modern no glitch