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Is there a Noise Gate, and Compressor algo available for the H9? 

Check out the DynaVerb algorithm. If you set the decay to 0, it's just a compressor.  Here is the algorithm description from its help file (which is bundled into H9 Control).

Eventide Eclipse reverb with a model of the Eventide Omnipressor® to create an adaptable dynamics reverb.  The Omnipressor is capable of all types of dynamics processing from gating, expansion, compression, limiting, and even its signature "dynamic reversal," where loud signals are squashed, but quiet signals are amplified.  In DynaVerb, the Omnipressor can dynamically control the output of a reverberator based on, either the input signal for maximum control, the reverb output for incredible chaos, or any mixture of the two.  As an added bonus DynaVerb can also be used as a standalone Omnipressor by setting [DECAY] to zero.