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Still getting error messages whenever I attempt to use Bluetooth.  I have tried 2 x iPads (iOS7) and an old iPhone.   If I use a USB connection (OSX Mavericks)  everything is perfect and reliable.  But with Bluetooth it's always "given up after 5x tries" or  'The messages are garbled, please move your unit'.  

All very disappointing.

I've reset the unit.  Found the self test mode but I'm unable to tell by the display if it's found any diagnosis errors.  There are no other sources of Bluetooth within range, I have moved the unit away from other equipment and unplugged all connecting cables.

When I've tried to register the H9 with a different iOS device it fails to connect to your server and I cannot register it multiple iOS devices.   But always good with USB.

Any thoughts on how i can perform a proper test/reset on this unit?

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year