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Good thought on the power supply.  I am using the supplied unit, but it could be a faulty. I've checked my power for earth problems, but it's OK.  Your power is two pin anyway.  I'll pick up another transformer.  

Do you know if there is a limit to the number of devices that the H9 can be registered to?  I am finding it impossible to log onto your server using the iPhone.  I have already registered it with an OSX and at least one iOS.   Would it be sensible to delete my account and start again?  (Really clutching at straws here)

i have used the xyz to switch the Bluetooth on and off but the fault remains.

Many many thanks for your answers, I appreciate that this forum is being monitored.   On a positive note, I bought the H9 for the pitch shifting, but I am astounded by the reverb and compression, big and. beautiful spaces.