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Found a good transformer (1000ma) so enough power there.  Unfortunately it didn't make any difference.  

BUT, I have found that if I firstly select a preset on the H9 it correctly syncs to the iPad and the iPad then controls/edits the H9.  

Rather than trying to firstly select a preset on the iPad, because that always ends in comms failure.

BUT, if I try to select a preset on the iPad the error message appears.  


Seems that once a link is established H9 to iPad then that 'sticks' and the preset can be accessed and edited on the iPad.  Until a new preset is attempted on the iPad, then the link is lost.  

The first thing I did when I received the unit was to update to the new software.   I will try to go back a version and see if that works better, then do the update again.  By the way, the voucher that came with the unit does that expire at midnight?

Happy New Year