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I was really supprised and bummed out that the MIDI Program Change Transmit Map does not work/transmit when receiving program changes as well.  I love that you can map the program changes asynchronously so that I don't have to make a copy of a preset for every corresponding program change I recieve, but I also would like (need! :)) the H9 to also transmit mapped program changes as well.  Midi transmit mapping is there, but unless I am missing something it seems like this only actually functions if the program changes are loaded using the left footswitch? I use an OC-10 for my loop and midi program changes, so the left footswitch method is an extra and useless step for me.  I think you get the idea, but just to be sure, if I send a midi program change of lets say 42 to the H9, I want to be able to have it load up say preset 17 (this it can do with the mapping) but I also want to be able to map a program change that it will transmit to the other midi units I have down the line.  This would be also stellar to add to the control app like the recieve map that is already present.

Wish #2) EHX Microsynth type algorithm.  I thought the synthonizer might be able to get me there but is quite different it seems.

Wish #3) Pre-Post switching similar to the Mobius.

Wish #4) Please fix the tap tempo synch issues when loading a patch.

And keep up the good work!