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arrgh, it's finally driven me over the edge.  Reset the H9 and took it back a firmware version, reset it again. Removed H9 from Bluetooth list on iPad and added it again.  Same sync problems.  Installed new firmware, tried both transformer, same problems.

Noticed the date thing again.  Selecting a preset on the H9 brings up today's date, selecting the same preset on the iPad brings up Christmas Day


Desperately tried putting iPad onto New York time.  I appreciate that you said the H9 didn't have a real time clock but for syncing I thought a sense of time would be handy.  Hugely frustrating as it took me about 40 days to get hold of this unit as a couple of people let me down, then one arrives and it doesn't like to talk.  I would love to blame my iPad, but I have tried an iPad 2, a new iPad Mini (retina)  and a 3gs iPhone, each time the same error message when I select a preset.   As per your suggestion I'll get in touch with support.   Thank you for your input but I think I've waved goodbye to £350.00

John R