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The issue is with tap tempo synching across devices.  The H9 will only synch and transmit properly if tapping in the tempo, but not

when a program is loaded.  I also noticed that it will only synch if set to transmit, which is very frustrating as it will then not

pass midi on.  If set to midi thru it will pass and accept program changes correctly, but will not transmit any clock info or other

midi info. I collected my midi "wish list" together so it is hopefully a little easier to follow. Smile

1) Transmit midi clock/tap tempo to other devices to synch from
2) Transmit midi clock/tempo upon loading a patch. This should be a feature that could be enabled/disabled, ideally per program.
3) Transmit program changes and midi CC generated by the H9 while still passing midi information and program changes recieved from other devices.
4) Add Midi program change transmit mapping to the H9 control software.  I believe it currently only allows you to map program recieve info from the software though you can map program change transmitting from the unit itself.
5) Transmit midi program changes that have been mapped on the H9 when the unit recieve a program change.