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1. On iPhone, how do I select parameters to be controlled by the hotknob and define the upper and lower values? Can this be defined per preset? I want this to be controlled via my midi expression pedal which I know works with my H9

There are two buttons surrounding the ribbon controller on the bottom of the algorithm control screen. Press either of those and move the parameter across the range you want to be mapped to the expression. Press anywhere in the ribbon controller area to turn off mapping. To erase a mapping and start over, you can press one of those buttons and pull the end points of the range together so that it looks like no range is mapped to the expression pedal; that will cause that parameter to be removed from the expression pedal mapping. You can also double click on the parameter and then a popup will appear which will give you the option to remove the parameter from the expression pedal mapping.

These mappings are saved with each preset, and yes, the expression pedal patch can also be controlled via MIDI.


4. Concerning iPhone H9 control – I used a preset list within the "Lists" section which I uploaded to the pedal. I'd like to be able to edit the user presets that make up this list from within the "presets" section and for this to automatically update the preset list within "Lists" ready to be uploaded to the pedal. At the moment, the only way to update the pedal is to edit these presets from within the "Lists" section.

Yeah, we considered doing things the way you suggest, but ultimately, we thought it was better to give each preset list its own local copy of a preset that would remain unchanged by changes to the source user preset, because we knew there would be cases where people would update their user preset and not want their preset lists to be affected.  We'll have to think about whether we could add some sort of additional mechanism for optionally syncing changes to a user preset.