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Hi Jill,

Here are couple suggestions to try to help reduce feedback when using vocal mics with FX live.

I recommend using a supercardiod or hypercardiod (dynamic mic). these mics typically allow more gain before feedback and also only pick-up sound that is directly in front of them.

Here are a couple models which I have used and like –

Audix OM-5, Shure BETA58A and BETA57A.

In addition I would switch on the LO-Cut filter on the preamp or mixer, this would help reduce feedback by cutting low-frequencys that get boosted when you sing very to the mic.

Sometimes this boosted low-end can cause feedback easier. You may want to edit your TimeFactor presets so the tone controls/filters are cutting low end, many of the presets were designed for guitar where preset tone controls are boosted or emphasized for gtr instead of EQ'd voice.

I also recommend using a compressor/limiter after the FX and before the FOH mixer. I would try to get the sound of the signal chain with the TiimeFactor Mix control set to 100% dry then blend in the FX (move mix knob to more wet signal) and see where feedback occurs. You could also try to compressor before the FX, and see how that works.

Eventide just released a small mic-pre with fx loop. This was designed for artist who wants to sing thru FX pedals. This product also has a DI level output which allow the signal chain to look like a mic input level to the FOH mixer. It also has a headphone output for monitoring, so you can use this to build your vocal sound with a mic, your pedals, and a pair of headphones.

product link –


documentation –


We are currently working on a Application Guid to help answer the very questions you are asking.

thanks, joe