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I love this pedal, I really get awesome good sounds. All my desir  have already been mentioned by me and others: a good Univibe algorithm, a good delay + reverb. Distortion first surprised me, I think the best distortions are analog. But you could do some interesting things. Do you know the plugin Ohmicide? I suggest you take a look: it's a multiband distortion!

In fact, I am very satisfied and do not really have a vital need for other effects. By cons, there is a big disappointment about the foot control !!!! grrrrr!. I do not know how to manage it. Live, it's a disaster. You should try to find a solution with control configuration. I play for a few months, a dozen concerts, and it's still epic! I 'd like a simple configuration with a double footswitch:

up/down (without confirmation of preset), tuning and tap tempo.

IOS control is a good idea but I use my hands to play. Do you plan to make a midi control footswitch (someone here has made ??one presented here and there a few months)