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I'm with others here. I've got an H3000, which is complex and wonderful but the conversion is outmoded and the algorithms aren't capable of the clean processing of modern CPUs. I was disappointed to discover that even the single algorithms in the H9 are pretty limited: pitch shifters where you can ONLY choose diatonic or chromatic or micro? That's not a processing limitation, a chromatic scale in the "diatonic" shifter would be easy and more functional for me, as would fine control of pitch which is available on almost every rack unit. 

The concept of the Mod Factory, which makes the H3000 and its progeny so very powerful, even if it would cost more, would be absolutely the killer app. And some way to build multiple, simultaneous effects, even if they're simplified would make it really useful. As it stands I probably won't load up on algorithms because I can do most of the things the H9 can do in other rack or pedal units. To compel me to load up, it needs more functionality!