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      I understand rolling our own algos with VSIG will never happen since it would kill sales but maybe there is a compromise.


      Multi Algos with multiple tab's to let us get right inside and edit..!

      10 knobs was was a hardware limitation right? Great for a pedal but unnecessary on a large screen. TC's editor is way more in-depth, yes simpler sounds I’m sure. Look at Thor synth on the ipad, Plenty of real estate. 


      ModEchoVerb is beautiful but what we really need is a fully controllable Modulation, Delay (as in everything, filters, full modulation control) followed by a reverb with the same control. There is DSP for this right?


      Modfactory 1+2? Maybe a simpler version? H3000 type control? Priced higher? I'd rather spend more on something really advanced that will keep my pedalboard under control than have to buy another verb or delay pedal.


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      Thanks for the feedback.  These are all great ideas, and we have talked about doing something along these lines ourselves.  The main problem is logistics.  Doing a simpler algorithm that follows the ten knob paradigm is something that one person can do in a reasonable amount of time.  Doing something like you're describing would involve more people and take more time and pull them away from other things they might be working on…  I do hope we'll get to something like this though.

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      I hear you.

      Have you considered allowing third parties to sell algorithms/more through your store? See what people can do with all that power..?

      I know it's the crazy effects that sell the hardware but it'll be the bread and butter that stops people selling it on. Let someone else see what they can come up with. Our iPhones/iPads would be nothing without third party apps!

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      Our iPhones/iPads would be nothing without third party apps!

      Well, I don't think we'd be against having third parties develop for the H9, but what you have to keep in mind is that developing for a DSP is a lot more difficult than developing for the general purpose processors in iPhones/iPads.  We haven't developed any sort of public API that developers could use for the H9, because I don't think there would be a lot of interest in doing so due to the limited number of developers with the appropriate skill set.  

      What we have talked about though is working together with some of the artists we have relationships with on developing new algorithms. That's sort of the best way around the problem, because it makes it possible to invite some people with fresh ideas to contribute to the platform without requiring a lot of knowledge on their part about the intricacies of developing for a DSP.

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      That makes sense.

      Can I suggest in that case that you approach pedalboard/rig designers as opposed to artists who'll either have really big rigs or very specific needs?

      LA Sound Design (David Phillips) puts most of his boards online. You can see what the common post-gain sound combination and parameters are. 


      Most of the medium boards seem to have:


      1 mod – Arion Chorus, Boss CE-2, Hartman Flanger, Mobius, Modfactor 

      1 analog/tape/dark type delay – El Capistan, Carbon Copy, Echorec, Ibanez Echo Machine

      1 digi delay – Timeline, Timefactor, DD6

      1 Verb – EBS Dynaverb, Flint



      Lead sounds might be:


      Tape Echo – Hall Verb

      Flange – Tape Echo – Hall Verb

      Tape Echo – Digital Delay – Hall Verb


      Clean might be:


      Tape Echo – Hall Verb

      Chorus – Tape Echo – Verb

      Chorus – Tape Echo – Digi Delay – Verb


      What do you think?

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      Yeah, that's a good point. Pedal board designers tend to have a wider perspective than individual artists. We do seem to be in touch with quite a few pedal board designers as well.

      Thanks for the links to the LA Sound Design videos.  I noticed he's putting quite a few H9s on people's boards as well.  It made me happy to see that…

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      Yeah I'm looking forward to the platform growing. I'm taking mine on an European tour with quite a big US artist, will be nice putting it through it's paces. Disaster Area DPC-5 en route too.

      I read Pete Thorn is getting one, hopefully he'll do a demo..

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      I'm with others here. I've got an H3000, which is complex and wonderful but the conversion is outmoded and the algorithms aren't capable of the clean processing of modern CPUs. I was disappointed to discover that even the single algorithms in the H9 are pretty limited: pitch shifters where you can ONLY choose diatonic or chromatic or micro? That's not a processing limitation, a chromatic scale in the "diatonic" shifter would be easy and more functional for me, as would fine control of pitch which is available on almost every rack unit. 

      The concept of the Mod Factory, which makes the H3000 and its progeny so very powerful, even if it would cost more, would be absolutely the killer app. And some way to build multiple, simultaneous effects, even if they're simplified would make it really useful. As it stands I probably won't load up on algorithms because I can do most of the things the H9 can do in other rack or pedal units. To compel me to load up, it needs more functionality!

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