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Hi there. I was looking this up because I had the same problem with my Space. After messing around with my setup, I was able to get it all to work. I am running a DMC-6D with a Timeline, BigSky, and Space. I had the Space in the middle of the midi chain and it would cause the BigSky (last in the midi chain) to receive incorrect midi change commands sometimes. I put the Space at the end of the midi chain and there are no more problems in that regard. It's still an issue Eventide needs to fix but it can be remedied for the meantime. This did not, however, solve the preset change+volume spike problem that I've had with my Space since I bought it. That is a problem I would LOVE to see fixed in a software update SOON. Hope that helps a little. Eventide, will you be releasing a new software update for the Space soon? It has been a long time!