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Eventide Staff

Hi Neil,

As you know we are in a difficult position in that we have 15 plug-ins to port and release in a variety of formats (AAX32, AAX64, VST2.4, AU, all for Mac and PC).  Each plug-in for each of these platforms takes time, so to get as many plug-ins as possible out, and to support as many of our customers as possible we need to prioritize the work we do.

In making those priorities we've chosen to release our full Anthology II bundle for the above formats before targeting VST3.  There are several reasons for this, but the largest two are: 1. There are no major VST3 hosts which don't also support VST2.4, and 2. Support for VST3 would require a significant amount of work, and would slow down our efforts to release the other existing Anthology II plug-ins.

It's not that we have anything specifically against VST3, it's just that the cost benefit analysis means we're not supporting it right now.  For what it's worth, we don't support RTAS or LADSPA either (and we do get requests for these).

So please understand that we're aiming to make as many people happy as possible, and that I'm not saying we won't ever support the VST3 format, but that we don't at the moment, and I can't promise if or when we will.

I hope you understand,